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Receiving and Discharge/Booking   —   912-651-3700
Front Lobby   —   912-652-7785
Shift Commander   —   912-652-7710

Special Notices

Effective Wednesday, July 01, 2020:

The Chatham County Detention Center moves to electronic mail service for inmates. All non-legal and non-commercial mail for inmates at the Chatham County Detention Center must be sent electronically through or mailed to the following address: – Chatham County Jail
INMATE ID #: INMATE FULL NAME (Defendant Identification Number/DIN)
925B Peachtree St. NE, Box 2062
Atlanta, GA 30309

As drugs and contraband in mail have risen in correctional facilities around the nation, it has become necessary to move to electronic communications for inmates. This move will provide a safer environment for both inmates and staff.

All non-legal and non-commercial mail sent to the address given will be processed by the mail scanning vendor and delivered to the inmate electronically via kiosks or tablets. The original mail item received will be destroyed.

Clearly print the inmate name and ID number on the outside of the envelope or postcard. Failure to include this information could result in lost or misdirected mail.

Send electronic correspondence and picture attachments through

Normal mail rules still apply; content violations may prevent delivery of the item to the inmate. Prohibited material includes:

-          Racy or pornographic images.

-          Pictures or descriptions of illegal activities.

-          Pictures or descriptions of self-defense tactics, locksmith instructions, escape techniques, or similar material deemed hazardous by correctional staff.

-          Pictures or descriptions of the use or manufacture of firearms, explosives, or other weapons.

-          Drugs or bio-hazards on the envelope or contents.

-          Threatening or violent content.

To find the inmate ID number, go to

Continue to send all books, financial (cashier checks and/or money orders sent to inmates for deposit to their account), legal and commercial mail directly to the Chatham County Detention Center. A staff member opens all legal and religious mail in front of the inmate. Inmates may only have four (4) paperback books, magazines, and other publications in their possession at a time. This does not include religious items received from legitimate religious organizations or legal materials.

After August 01, 2020 all non-legal and commercial mail not addressed properly will be returned or discarded.

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The mission of the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office is to enforce state law and provide the finest public safety services to the people of Chatham County, which includes protecting the judiciary, executing orders of the courts, supporting our law enforcement partners and providing for the care, custody and control of legally incarcerated inmates.


Message From Sheriff John T. Wilcher

Let me take this opportunity to welcome you to the Chatham County Sheriff's Office Web Site. Inside, you will find information about our agency and its' various functions. 

Also included in this site are phone numbers and E-mail addresses that you can access for further information as well as our 'Frequently Asked Questions' page for general and specific information. 

This site will be updated on a regular basis, so I encourage you to visit often. You can reach me at (912) 652-7609 or (912) 660-1012.


Who We Are

The Chatham County Sheriff’s Office serves all the municipalities and unincorporated areas of Chatham County. The men and women of the Sheriff’s Office are highly trained in a variety of areas to ensure that the citizens of our community are served the highest levels of professionalism and excellence. Our core values follow the acronym SHERIFF:

  • Safety
    We keep law, policy and procedure at the forefront of our organization as to provide the safest environment for our officers, inmates and citizens.
  • Honor
    We take pride in every action, every day and ensure that our conduct and performance is a reflection of the upmost professionalism.
  • Excellence
    We exhibit the highest standards of law enforcement service and personal responsibility both on- and off-duty.
  • Reliability
    We serve citizens equally and consistently, always showing fairness, dignity and respect.
  • Integrity
    We strive to uphold the highest moral standards and treat all people with respect.
  • Focus
    We remain focused on our obligation to protect the citizens of Chatham County by providing a well-trained staff that has the highest standards of honesty and ethical conduct.
  • Family
    We are not just employees, we are family members.